We are licensed to buy and sell antiques, vintage items and jewelry and silver items.

If you have pieces to sell, we will be happy to advise you in relation to a few pieces or an entire estate.


*If you have a few pieces that you are interested in selling, bring them to the shop on Wednesday or Friday when our buyer is onsite or email photos of your items to wakefielduncommon@gmail.com.   Alternately, you can make an appointment to bring your items to the shop.   Please note that all in-shop buying is done on Wednesdays and Fridays, not on busier weekend days.

We are licensed by the town of Wakefield to buy items outright,

take some items on consignment,

consign items for sale with auctioneers

and do online eBay consignment sales, depending upon the item.


**We do make home visits if you have many items, or large items to sell.

 Invite us to come and see your items and perhaps make purchases.


***If you are just beginning the process of downsizing and would like to just get an idea of your options, you can commission us to make an assessment.  We will visit and give you an idea of the relative value of your items, and your best options.  We charge an hourly fee for this service.   If you are planning a yard sale and want to know if you have any hidden treasures before setting them out for sale, this could be the best option for you.  We can even help you price your items for your sale.


****If you are interested in doing a large scale downsizing, we can run an estate sale or estate yard sale for you.  This process will begin with a visit to see if an estate sale or an estate yard sale is right for you.  If you do not want to host a large scale sale inside your home, we may recommend renting a hall in order to host the sale.  We charge a percentage for this service.


We are flexible and enjoy helping people make the right decisions in selling their items.  


Call us -- or email wakefielduncommong@gmail.com --  for details!